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Residential Vinyl Fencing

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Residential Vinyl PVC Fencing


Vinyl Fencing

If you're looking for a fence that's as sturdy as it is beautiful, vinyl fencing is the way to go. Vinyl fencing is the modern alternative to wood, combining the style and aesthetics of wood with the technology and durability of PVC. Our fence products are made from high-quality North American products, with a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Vinyl fences offer many of the features of wood with some added benefits: they're low maintenance and don't require additional treatment or painting. PVC fencing also comes in a wide range of styles and colours, so you can choose one that fits your home's design aesthetic. We offer several styles: full privacy (sentry), privacy with picket accent top (estate), privacy with lattice accent top (manor), semi-privacy, picket and three rail ranch, which are available in many different colours and heights ranging from 3 feet tall to 8 feet high.
We have years of experience installing residential vinyl fencing. Our team of experts pride themselves on their attention to detail and expertise. From planning your vinyl fence to installation, we'll take care of everything so you can enjoy your new fence! If you're looking for a fence that combines style with durability, look no further than a vinyl fence from F.P.C. Industries Ltd!


F.P.C. Industries Ltd. custom makes every gate to fit perfectly with height of your fence.

Residential Vinyl Single Swing Gates

Single Swing Gates

Single swing gates are the perfect way to add elegance and security to your home. They are designed to swing one way, which makes them ideal for use in front of a driveway or entrance. Single swing gates are made from vinyl PVC to provide durability and security while maintaining a sleek appearance that will work with any decor or style of home. Residential single swing gates are available in many different colours and styles, so you can choose the one that best matches the look of your home and fence. At F.P.C. Industries, we custom make residential single swing gates, so they are always sure to fit perfectly with your vinyl fencing!

Residential Vinyl Double Swing Gates

Double Swing Gates

With a double swing gate, you get extra security without compromising style. These durable, high-quality double swing gates are made from vinyl (PVC). Our residential double swing gates are available in various colours and styles to complement your vinyl fencing. They also feature an automatic latch that keeps the gates securely closed when not in use. Double swing gates are made custom to ensure a perfect fit. With large double swing gates, we offer a removal centre post for added support. If you're looking for a durable, long-lasting gate, look no further than our residential double swing gates! 



F.P.C. Industries has all of the materials and equipment you need to repair your fence, including PVC fencing supplies. At our store, we provide high-quality materials that are available at reasonable prices. We have employees who care deeply about customer service. If needed, they will gladly meet with you to discuss your project and point you in the right direction. We can also repair your fence with your supplies to ensure great results!

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Let F.P.C. Industries help you create the yard of your dreams with residential vinyl (PVC) fencing. We can get the job done whether your home is in an urban or rural area. Our fencing installation specialists are dedicated to making a difference with their quality work and attention to detail. With our years of experience, we know we can install a long-lasting and beautiful vinyl fence in your yard. Each project requires 2-3 weeks of lead time, so don’t delay. Contact us now!